Mother nature hear her cry

February 5, 2011
By smartgirl BRONZE, Virginia Beach,virginia, Virginia
smartgirl BRONZE, Virginia Beach,virginia, Virginia
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What will this world become
what will happen next
all good questions
that share an answer
only one person knows
that person is the lord
the answer we must find out
for ourselves
juts think about it
a world where there is no light
no green grass
no life and
no air to breathe in
but if us as human beings
do not realize the effect of our actions
then life will be over as we know it
so all that is left to say is
mother nature is hurting
she is crying out our names
is that the respect we give her for all shes done
she deserves better
treat her how you want to be treated
pick up trash
anything she crying out for help
and its our responsibility to help her
and hear her cry
"help help im dying"
she whispers
we must listen before its to late
we must hear her call
what will life be like for the next generation
if we dont take charge now
if we choose to do nothing
we may not have a world for them to live in
there will be no next generations
so shes begging you
please dont cut down her trees of life
please dont kill her animals of living
please look around
tell her what you see
whisper to her
we will save you
we will catch you when you fall

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