Live in the Present

February 13, 2011
Once I was given an opportunity
A chance that any would leap for
I was given a chance to see the future
A chance to see what was in store

Through the glass held in an ancient frame
In an orb of swirling mist
I saw shapes congeal and time bend
Oh the images I could list

His gnarled hand held it to me
His eyes gray as the cloud
And mind solid and steadfast
The pull of the orb was getting so loud

He threw it high in the air
Voices spun whispers
I leapt for the voices, the knowledge
I cradled the orb of whimpers

“Look to see what will be,”
His voice was like the breeze
“You hold the future in your hands”
I held the future with such ease

I could see a step ahead
I could find out what would be
The swirling grew so thick
I saw myself and who I could be

But I gave it back
I handed it to time itself
The orb of knowledge
Would rest on a dusty shelf

Live in the present
That’s where we are
The past is forgotten
And the Future’s not far

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