February 4, 2011
You constantly break my heart but yet I can’t get over you.
I want to just leave you but somehow
you draw me back in.
I bet it’s with those blue eyes that you know
how to you use so well.

You’re killing me slowly!
Every time you go out or do something stupid
you break my heart and make me think
I should leave you.

I don’t like struggling with
my heart and my brain.
I’m so close to saying: “Screw you! I’m done!”
but, then you look at me with those stupid,
enchanting blue eyes, one little tear comes sliding
down your cheek
and all I can do is hug you
and say I’m so sorry.

I hate that you have that much control over me.
Now can’t you just
say you’re done and let this struggle
end so that I can go on and not
feel like I’m slowly dying inside.

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