I tend to forget

February 4, 2011
By rayzdboss GOLD, Miramar, Florida
rayzdboss GOLD, Miramar, Florida
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Maybe I've forgotten the value of a father.
maybe I've forgeotten the value of a son. Sometimes i wish i could say i'm sorry or at least feel sorry but I shouldnt even worry.
for this is my lifes story
sometimes the absence of a loved one, can make the acknowledgement of that loved one grow astray.
But it doesnt mean that the love has gone away.
see I have grown up and have dedication to my own nation.
But you did raise me during your time with me so there is appreciation.
and that's the reason that you are not forgotten.
But your chances to be there for me when i accomplish certain goals in life.. Well the chance you have not gotten..
I tend to put these hurt feelings to the side. For my feelings towards the feeling of loss and sorrow
have become so cliche.
but I do reminisce every single day. I've grown up now and I have grown to neglect. We're living different lives now.
Sometimes I just tend to forget.

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