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A Lesson in the Unknown

February 6, 2011
By Chezz BRONZE, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
Chezz BRONZE, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
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In the blink of an eye the world could explode,
and you would never know it.
One second you singing in your garden,
and the next a stray bullet penetrates your skull and the lights go out.

A sudden immersion into the depth of death and darkness,
a still and quiet place at the edge of existence and the unknown.
A silent scream that would never end,
and never be heard.
This quiet plea for life,
never acknowledged.

And laid in a grave
Your empty eyes beg them to keep it open,
For when the lid is closed the light is taken away;
Stolen under mounds of dirt,
Flung over your corpse,
D***ing it to the slow decimation of flesh,
Leaving aged bone to stare at nothing for an eternity.

Death, a silent door,
That leads to a silent place,
Where nothing,
And no one,

The author's comments:
Death is the unknown, mysterious, and unavoidable. In this poem I'm expressing all the questions, doubt, and wonder of death.

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