A Day With Dr. Seuss

February 2, 2011
By TigerBaby16 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
TigerBaby16 BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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Off in whosville
On a very nice day
Dr. Seuss came out
And we went on our way

We went here
We went there
Traveling afar
We went everywhere

Oh the places we go
Sights that we see
Things that we do
Just him and me

The cat in the hat
And bottle feet Keet
Join us for a ride
On the thousand hump Wump

Through the jungle of Nool
In the cool of the pool
We were hanging with Horton
And ate Glortan

The unfriendly old Lorax
Did meet with us here
Where Grickle-grass grows
And Finkle chubs cheer

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