What is Beauty?

February 1, 2011
By REMi93 GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
REMi93 GOLD, Boston, Massachusetts
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Is it the complexion of my skin
Or the form of my chin?
Is it the shape of my lips?
Or the size of my hips?
Is it the measure of my waist?
Or the features of my face?
Is it the size of my nose?
Or the shape that it holds?
Is it the size of my breasts
That you put to the test?
Is it the style of my hair
That determines if I'm fair?
I am not aware of how you define beauty,
But the beauty I speak of isn't skin deep.
Not to be rude, but I don't care for your body
Or your face that you beat.*
The beauty I look for isn't seen
It's a kind of beauty that lies beneath-
Beneath the flesh that covers your bones
And the skin that wraps around your soul.
I want to know what's in your heart and mind,
The attributes that show you're one of a kind.
Because truth is: everyone is beautiful on the outside.
The treasures of true beauty are hidden inside.

*beat meaning apply make up to

The author's comments:
I believe everyone is beautiful, and I wrote this to tell the world that. Yes, you are beautiful :)

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