Love's a hassle

January 31, 2011
Taking a life is more than most most people can handle
life can be a lie but loves just a scandal,
Love doesn't exist it's just a topic
most people find it others just wanna stop it,
A teen on the street crushed by a broken heart
takes his life before it can start,
Some people deal with cheaters and beaters
others deal with users and drug abusers,
Yeah love can open your eyes but at the same time keep em' shut
Because you can never see people for who they are when your in love,
They give you everything ranging from cloths to gold
love can be thin and it can be bold, one minute its warm the next it's cold,
Loves bound together by hearts and a tiny little ring
but how fast can it come off for just another "thing?"
Yeah life can be a struggle but loves just a hassle.

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