They Want Us

January 31, 2011
They want us to look like the rest
Tan skin, long straight hair, full lips
With hairless legs and face full of paint
They want us to have perfect bodies
Big busts, decent- size rear
We must not weigh more than the average
They want us to be thin
Skinny, small, not one ounce of fat
Starving dieting, fearing food
They want us to be intelligent
Straight A’s, high test scores, make it to college
With extracurricular activities, friendships and no sleep
They want us to wear conformity
Skin tight jeans, knit tops, and push up bras
With designer handbags and expensive jewelry
They want us to hate ourselves
Form the freckles on our faces
To the dirt under our fingernails
The size of our feet to the colors of our eyes
They want us to feel not good enough
Unfit, unloved, ugly
Insult our intelligence if one mistake is made
One bad move and we automatically fail
They want us to be accepted
To them that is all that matters anyway
They tell us in magazines we buy
TV shows we watch music we listen to
They want us to what they wish they could be
They want what they want
And we strive to give it to them

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