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Pitch Black Hole of Reality

January 31, 2011
By KathrynWilks8492 SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
KathrynWilks8492 SILVER, Aurora, Illinois
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This chair is hard
I can barely sit here any longer
The black and white checkered floor makes my head spin
Everyone is just sitting
Staring at nothing

The wall is calling me
Urging me to do something to keep me away
Away from those people they say I cannot hear nor see
But they are here
They aren’t real the doctors tell me

A black marker rolls towards me
I pick it up and begin to escape
I enter my own world filled with castles and dolls
And the tree my brother and I used to climb
The sun always shined back then

Now I live in darkness
I try to run, to go back
There are so many of them chasing me
Calling me, urging me
I finish and admire my work
The storm blows over me
I throw myself back into the chair

My right hand clutches on to my side
The scar is present as it always is
The cut I made with a butcher knife
My attempt to get them to leave me alone

My left hand holds on to my face
In hopes the tears will stop
They are back
I cover my eyes so I will not see them
But I can still hear them
Their voices are loud and tongue persistent

I want to climb the tree again
Maybe it will take me back
To those times when the sun always shined

Here I live in pure darkness
I will never get out
This pitch black hole of hallucination
Will forever be my reality

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