Not anthor lie

February 12, 2011
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if i say goodnight
i am sure you would think its all right
and if i stutter hello
i am sure that you would know ...
but if i cried in to the night
all the same its never all right
tired of feeling confused
life is granted to the used
i don't make pretend
i just live in the past tense
i don't care to be used
its a fact
that we are though
but yet i cant comprehend
why the f*** you still insist
i am so tired of all the pain
Ive breached the end of my disdain
i reached the end of a circular fame
i just want to close the door
turn off the lights
heaven is no more
i am not being judgmental
i am just telling the facts
if i leave today
i don't ever want to come back.
i hate your unworthy love
i hope you the best
life can be unsure
i am not directing my thoughts at you
if you think that
here's the wound
i am just tired
my eyes are sore
I've grown to love my dreams more
i just need to take a break
here my life story
see all the blanks?!
let me fall on my own
if i die
don't prologue
i am just a kid whose had a heart break
one in a million
but all the same...

i am just a girl i cry out loud
and your just a boy who has no doubt
unlike me
your far to discreet
and stating lies
will only buy you time
but in the end
when the tide drifts in
whose still standing?
and whose on the floor?

like i said close the door

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