Falling Too Hard

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

I look at you in a daydream
Wishing you were mine
You are so amazing
So funny
So smart
So desirable

A few words a day
Make my week
Yet I always want more

It’s like I’m falling off a four-story building
Rushing alone towards death
Every time I look at you I fall harder
Over and over again
The only problem is
You’re not standing on the pavement below
About to catch me
No you’re not there
You are somewhere else
Probably not even thinking about me

You don’t see me
The way I see you
I’m just another girl in the hallway
Who can’t deny your every thing?
A girl who you’ll ask a math question
When you don’t know the answer

You haven’t done anything wrong to me
This makes it even harder not to fall for you
Your good looks and personality
Overcome my strong-will of not caring
It’s a lie if I say I don’t care
Because if I didn’t care
Would I be writing this poem?

I’m just sitting here staring at you
Putting my desperation into words
The only way my situation could get worse
Is if you laid eyes on another girl
You’re so good at hiding your feelings
(Which I’m not sure if I like or not)
That I wouldn’t know if you were in love
With one of my best friends
In fact, you very well could be

I have these thoughts every night
As I sit in my chair and stare out my window
At the empty dark sky
Kind of like my empty heart

Any time now I will die inside
Lose any hope that one day you would notice me
As more than just another classmate
That’s when I will hit the sidewalk
After falling so hard for so long
Of course, you won’t be there
With your arms open and beautiful smile
That lights up your entire face
Like the shining sun in the morning

That’s what I get for not stopping myself sooner
For not realizing what I would get myself into
It’s too late now
I’m free falling
Way too hard to stop

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