I Am Who I Am

February 2, 2011
By BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
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I am a student
I am an average teen
I am a book lover, book reader
I am a proud Canadian
I am always left wanting more
I am not deaf but hard of hearing
I am hard to understand, with understanding comes friendship
I am a high achiever, with expectations, achieved success
I am a Twilight fan
I am creative, imaginative, determined and unchangeable
I am a worthy god of music
I am confident, outspoken and interested
I am someone who does not pretend to be someone I am not
I am here to learn, get an education
I am curious, with unanswered questions
I am a speaker of many languages
I am emotional, with feelings far too strong
I am independent, unique and different
I am always daydreaming
I am a person, with wants and needs
I am always hoping, always wishing

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