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Brand New Life

February 2, 2011
By ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
ChrisDDWalker GOLD, Chaleroi, Pennsylvania
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Darkness engulfs me,
Several sins enveloping me,
Nobody can hear me cry out,
Help me out of this nightmare,
I’m sick of being artificial,
I need you with me,
Deception is a gift,
Something within my body,
The demon call found me long ago,
With it I will stay behind,
Continue to hurt others,
And never truly live.

Fate finds me,
And I begin to morph,
No more pain,
No more suffering,
Trying to find a way to stop hurting others,
Time to take off my own mask,
Revealing the truth to myself,
With patience it will come,
No magical pill,
Only counseling,
A constant enigma.

No more isolation,
A brand new life,
No more painful scars,
My past is a burden,
Where I had no regard,
Now I can really see,
How many people look down to me,
But nobody can stop this man,
To undo the wrongs that effected,
Now I have a new chance,
With awesome friends,
To write my brand new life out,
True and new.

The author's comments:
I entered this into a contest known as JCJC and I actually won, so hopefully this will be seen as a good piece of work by you guys as well

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