Pain vs Happiness

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

Words, just aren't good enough.

words are powerful, but only seem to function for pain rather than happiness.

you can say all the wonderful feelings coming from your heart to the one you love,

but when it comes to the arguments, those words don't mean nothing at all.

but it is all momentary.

the happy words you say instantly disappear once the argumentative words appear and then disappear once the happiness re-appears.

How selfish of us I'll say,

how we can appreciate those happy moments,

and in a heartbeat just throw them all away.

and maybe our happiness is momentary because we are living in the moment,

so we take our life for granted, and we don't even know it.

and happiness is valuable, but we mistreat it,

but want it back once we blow it.

we always seem to blow it...

It's amazing how the best things in life are difficult to get,

and the worst things in life are easy to receive,

so maybe that is why we just don't know what to believe,

that thought from my pregnant mind I conceived.

Happiness is found in our DNA but we can't seem to bring it out ourselves.

For we rather leave that job for somebody else.

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