The Price Paid For Perfection

February 6, 2011
By , Parker, CO
It's not something you can smell, hear or taste
And to touch or see it would be almost impossible

So what really is perfection?
And how can you obtain it?
Is it even obtainable?

Is it the way my friends straight teeth gleam as she smiles for the first time after braces?

Or The way my next door neighbor gets a 4.0- straight A's every semester?

Or even the way that everything good always happens to my sister and how she never has to deal with problems in life and bumps in the road?

But couldn't it be more than that?

I believe finding perfection is more complicated than that

I've been told that life can never be perfect
It's just a proven fact that man has been cursed to live upon this earth making mistakes

So does that mean that death is the only way to lead me to perfection?
Is that the only way out of my crazy life filled with regrets and turmoil?

If so, I have no choice
It's a pity that I have to leave this way,
But I must find perfection
And this is the only way.....

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