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A Day in Color

February 5, 2011
By Anonymous

If for a day I was a crayon
I wouldn’t know where to start
In my search for the perfect color
I’d tear the whole world apart

I’d start off with the daybreak
And touch that pretty blue
I’d paint it all over the sky
And bask in the feel of new

I’d travel a little further
Until I reach the Sun
I’d give out its fragile golden hue
Like candy sugar-spun

I’d plummet down to Earth
Stopping just above the ground
I’d take that luscious, fertile green
And spread it all around

In my hands I’d hold the soil
A dark and crumbly brown
I’d smear it all over the world
Blanketing everything to be found

I’d frolic amongst the flowers
Stopping just to catch the scent
Of those fiery red wildflowers
Wafting up in their ascent

I’d dip into the ocean
Underneath the turquoise waves
And crawl out to rest my head
Against the hidden beach caves

I’d stop to watch the sunset
In pastel orange and pink
I’d watch the sunbeams kiss the surf
In their tandem, perfect sync

I’d dance into the stars
Made from shimmering silver lights
And save some in a jar
To help me pass my nights

I’d mix up all the colors
To make a striking shade of black
And lock into it all my fears
And never once look back

When my day would come to close
I’d lift my wings in flight
I’d free-fall in the breezy air
And end my day in white

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