(Dormant) Reflections

February 5, 2011
By , Canton, MI
When the lights go out
I look at you
And for that moment
You are my world

We are immune to nature
What else can explain the
Flickering warm heat
That being around you brings?

And how the laws of gravity
Affect everyone else
But (not quite) fails
Around us two?

You pull me closer
Pull my hands in yours
And the things you say
Make my face light up

You make me laugh
Make everything around me
Disappear into the background
Everything except you

I love when I catch you staring
And it's adorable when you do
Because when our eyes meet
You don't even try to look away

And when I'm sitting by myself
You come up behind me
Cover my eyes and whisper
'Guess who?'

And I can't help but smile
As you walk into the room
Push your hands against my shoulders
And prop your face inches from mine

I've never done this before
Let something sink into my head
And let it dominate my every thought
But there's a first time for everything

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