Cruel Nature

February 5, 2011
By HORRORjunky4010 BRONZE, Covina, California
HORRORjunky4010 BRONZE, Covina, California
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the thunder snaps like a whip on an ox's hide
the wind flies by like the night owl diving on it's prey
then stillness, absolute stillness
a stillness so quiet it can make the soul go cold
a stillness so terrifying, it can make a child weep for it's mother
a stillness so black, it can eat pure light
then, as abruptly as it stopped, a flash so great, it shatters that stillness and darkness like that of a rock on a window pain
a flash so great it consumes that darkness like the vile creature it is
the slight pitter patter of rain on the window pains starts again
that cruel beauty of nature destroys all in its path
the terrifying beauty of nature is not at all like the horrible hallucinations of the mind
no no no my friends
this is the real monster of the real world
our nature itself

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