A Hero

February 5, 2011
By , york, PA
You may not know

But you were a hero to us

You may not know

Who we are

You might have known

What happened before

You might have remembered

All those times

You are our


Someone we can count on

You fought for our


How much

We will miss you

How much

We love you

You are in our

Thoughts, and prayers

I know

That you loved us

I know

That you didn't know me

But I knew you

I wish I just knew

more about you.

A hero is what I know

I know that you served

So that I could live freely

You were part

Of history

Now you are

Flying above us

Now you are

With Great Grandma

Who is

Your wife

Best friend

A mother

A grandmother

A great grandmother

And who has

Been waiting for you

I know that

You are home now,

And that you

Will be truly missed

RIP Great Grandpa John

We <3 You


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