February 4, 2011
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The room is sedated with Asian cuisine
The aroma of our grand opening.

Lines and lines of people gaze hungrily
Mingled with food is the distinct scent of inequality

The room is packed with people of different
Colors, Shapes, Sizes

They enter as distinct persons
Society created lines that control their every move

Some wearing furs, others wearing cotton
Some bearing the gifts of society; others bearing the hardships of society

Their papery faces stare back
They accept their fates without question

Their motions are plotted move by move
Their emotions are assigned feeling by feeling

All their motions in sync with the mastermind
Brainless marionettes

Doing diligently what they’re told
Can they ever break free?

Whether they’re told justice or lies
Their sight sees no farther than a rock can see

Even cuts on their strings are useless
The strings are part of them

Accepted, embedded like a leech on a skin
And the mastermind?
Society, I see

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