A Liar

February 4, 2011
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You took my heart from the start
Ever since you showed me your love chart
Your smile made the day worthwhile
My kiss on your lips did reconcile

We said our goodbyes
Repressing tears and sighs
Although we must part
We’ll always be together in my heart

Constant reminiscing of you and me
I wish we wouldn’t disagree
Fighting with you in my reverie
Will you come back to me?

Shouldn’t have let you slip away
Why did I act that way?
Always waiting for your call
You weren’t supposed to let me fall

I’m not fine, but I don’t whine
I’m in pain feeling cold like December rain
My mind is a train racing down the track
Meaningless words that I wish we could take back

Darling, you’re beautiful, but blind
I wish we could just rewind
To those happier times when everything was okay
I hope one day you’ll feel the same way

I pray for you every night
Remember that you were my light
Forgetting what we had isn’t right
What must I do to end this fight?

It’s been six months since I last saw your face
I’ve been scared and lonely in this dark, empty place
I look around and you’re not there
Do you still think about what we shared?

Those blue eyes through my soul did stare
I miss basking in their warm, loving glare
Why don’t good things last?
Memories of you are fading fast

Painful slow tears roll down my face
Coping with vicissitudes that displace
I was your soul mate and I thought that you loved me
Now I know what you always were and will be

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