What Comes to Mind in February

February 4, 2011
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our smiles lit up the cafe windows
where we sat and got to know
more than just the skin and bones
new and naive, our inner feelings developed
into something fresh and profound

a year ago tonight
your clumsy hands swallowed my fingers,
cold and slippery in the winter air that clung to our faces
as we ran

words got lost in the puddles we jumped through
their gentle reflections ruined by the ripples we created
almost as if they were portending what was to come

we raced up the hill
past the dark houses
past the dead cars
way beyond our comfort zones
until finally, we arrived among the graves

backs pressed against heavy, cold stones
your lips searched mine for hints of coffee and chocolate
bittersweet, warm and simple
the very things i couldn't give you

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