The little waterless flower

February 4, 2011
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A flower planted in dry dirt,
No water, no sunshine, all hurt,
Locked in the dry soil,
No future, no worth, full of turmoil..
A gardener, joyful from start,
Loving and searching for the saddened hearts,
To reap and to sow,
To let the little flowers know,
There’s a future ahead, get ready to go..
The old ways of hurt, hate, sadness of the heart,
Are long gone, so long, depart,
It’s a brand new day, little flowers; begin your new way, new start…
Given a new beginning, and made new by the gardener and His gracious heart..
Some water, some sunshine some life…
All it took, just had to look,
It’s all you had to do,
For the gardener waiting to water you...

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