January 30, 2011
By Anonymous

The moon stares and stares
For me she does not care
No more kisses to be had
I can barley fare

Beautiful and pride
I should have never lied
Told her to go
But my real feelings I hide

Ignorant she is about my devotion
She once had lies in devastation
Or so she thought
My love is in preservation

So I wait for her to see
A small star like me
Waiting to say the little word I desire for
Like the earth desires the trees

Sadly no she wont look upon me
I try to shine brightly
But it is no good
She does not care for me

O moon how I miss the
Wont you please be with me
Ill love you forever
Never hurt you, you’ll see

If I could have but one more try
I promise to never lie
I would devote what’s left of this being
To you and only you, my life

Until the day you look at me
Ill orbit around happily
As long as I get to stare at you
Ill keeps waiting for destiny

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