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Conversion of Mass

January 30, 2011
By Olive_Eyes GOLD, Granite Falls, Washington
Olive_Eyes GOLD, Granite Falls, Washington
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The law of conversion of mass states that mass is neither created nor destroyed.

Does love have a mass? It sure feels like it sometimes. It can feel heavy, like it’s weighing you down. Or it can seem to make us weightless, to have a negative mass. Also impossible.

Some seem to grow slowly and then one day blossom. And a few are smashed and smothered and abused out of existence.

But if you put hate on the other side of the scale, giving when love takes and taking when love gives...

But what does science know anyways?
What does anyone.
Where do we get the right to make laws and rules?
The right to define ourselves and everything within minds reach?
What bullcrap!

But we don’t make those laws...
We discover them, uncover them.
It’s not bullcrap
It’s humanity, my love.

Well humanity is bullcrap,
And I’m not anyone’s love.

The author's comments:
Science notes...shows two sides of my personality.

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