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She Saw Me

January 29, 2011
By missJaneAusten BRONZE, Toronto, Other
missJaneAusten BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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"Never take life too sriously. You don't make it out alive anyway"

There she sat. Plain yet extravagant and stunning
Her careful hands, a delicate bronze in color from the gleam of the sun
She craned her neck
Her hair fell upon her back like a black waterfall
Mysterious and inviting

Her very presence drew me in, an unstoppable force
I felt the air leave my body as the my world focused on her
Just her
Suddenly, there was no one else

The hands of the willow tree she sat under seemed to bend around her
Careful not to touch her delicate figure
She was barefoot
You could see every inch of her perfect feet flex

She crooned at the birds that sat on the willow tree
And listened to their chirps as if it was the last time she would hear them
The green grass she sat under turned brighter as she brushed her hand
Taking time to feel it

I sat watching
Pacing myself at a proper distance

The she turned her gorgeous head towards me
She smiled when she saw me
I lit up
The world had hope

The author's comments:
A boy portraying his love for the girl he admires

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