I Know I Don't Suffer Like You

January 29, 2011
By Doktor SILVER, Northridge, California
Doktor SILVER, Northridge, California
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Don't you tell me I wouldn't know.
Because! (I do know
how agony feels!)

My comfortable life
hasn't always comforted me.
My lovely life
hasn't always truly loved me.

Not all the important people
of my dream-like life
have supported my dreams.

Don't think I wouldn't
have some flames reserved
for me when I die.

But know that I will never
claim my life is claimed
by pure misery.

You'd better believe
that I'm not that
wracked with sobs and sighs.

You'd better believe
you're not all alone
without a few allies.

Is that right?
I am your ally.
Am I your ally?

I am your ally.

The author's comments:
A few things inspired this. One was enough caffeine to make my heart feel like it was going to explode. Another inspiration was this worthlessness that I'd feel because I'd never know the depth of the tribulations my parents went through to escape Vietnam and afterward. Finally, I looked back to my middle school days, when I was a walking emotional train wreck that spat at everything. In this poem I might be talking to an unstable version of myself, to the wisdom of my parents, and/or to a person living in an undeveloped country, envying or despising American youth. Whom shall I dedicate this to?

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