The Midnight Dare

January 30, 2011
The monster circles
As his heat envelopes my skin
My blood starts to rush
As my lungs cave in
The flames eat me
As the pain begins to thin
No more feeling in my legs
As I give in

Running in slow motion
My head begins to spin
Why are my feet so heavy?
He's gaining again
He moves so fast
While I can't move at all
He catches up
As I fall

Floating is the term they use
Dieing isn't one
I thought this was supposed to be fun
Can't hold it anymore
No more breath within
Gasping for air
As water floods in
Thrashing at the floor
Can't do it anymore
Feeling numb
As I sink to the bottom

What am I doing?
Staring at my hand
Why am I doing this?
Happy as I can
Pulling it to my head
Don't understand
Finger on the trigger
Tired of this land
I thought I was happy
Even content
Get this gun away from me
But I can't

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