The person i that i loved

January 26, 2011
By makayla116 BRONZE, South China Maine, Maine
makayla116 BRONZE, South China Maine, Maine
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What ever . wait what !!!!!!! That not spelled right !!!!!!!!!!!!

The person I love is not in love with me
I feel like deserted and no ones their for me
Like my world is going to crash with out him
I wake up every day feeling emptiness in side
I think to my self what do I do with out him
It's like he never existed in the real world
You were my life my world my everything
I gave you my heart and you let just drop
To the floor because you didn't care at all
And that killed me in side to now that
So now I now i need to move on
From you and all my feelings for you
And every one of my thoughts and memory's of you
And that's fine because I relized that i didn't need you
So I am saying good bye now

The author's comments:
I was in the 8 grade and I loved someone and said he loved me two. But i didn't not turn out that way .

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