He won't get me

January 25, 2011
By strongerthangrace BRONZE, West Covina, California
strongerthangrace BRONZE, West Covina, California
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"Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival" - C.S. Lewis"

In this darkness I hope to find light, reaching and searching scared for my life I stumble around not knowing where I am although this place seems familiar as if I’ve been here before, yet I cant seem to remember how I got to this place of darkness I don’t know how or why but I struggle and fight just to keep going, I know if I stop

HE will find me

HE stalks me day and night as if waiting for the time to be right I have not a clue what HE has planned for me and I don’t want to know HE schemes and hunts and waits for the day that I trip up or slip out of my routine

All the mean while the words HE once screamed begin to harass my mind they consume me confuse me break me down as I fall to my knees I feel a sharp pain it comes from behind and feels like defeat I shout and I scream but no one is near I cant help but think this is at last my time

I shutter in sheer panic, I start to get cold I can feel myself losing breath and the sounds around they fade and disappear

my head becomes heavy I cautiously reach toward my chest I can feel the beat slowing and unsteady I see the rich color of red it seeps from my body and begins to make me feel uneasy knowing I am almost gone I will leave this beautifully bitter world, full of fear I scream some more it does nothing as the time before

As I feel myself start to die this shadow arises it is darker than black and strange as can be, it seem strangely familiar and than it gets bigger it says with a voice as loud as ever ”I finally got you, now you’ll remember.” I took a deep breath as I suddenly realized it is HE who was standing over me and I feel defeated and I hope its not the end, I want to live

No its not yet over HE will not take me its my choice to surrender HE chains me and drags me way back to there

I fight and I fight I finally break loose HE no longer surrounds me I am alone I have won I can now go back, back to the place I thought was so awful and hateful I leave HIS chains they lie on the floor a reminder of who I once was before never again to return to my cell this way of life can hold me no more

As I return back to the surface I feel a relief as if I was new I am still scared, tormented and tortured day after day but HE can no longer touch me HE can not hurt me I still feel HIS presence time after time HE is still waiting for HIS time to attack but I now am stronger and better than HIM, HE will not break me never again

The author's comments:
This is about my current struggle with my religion. Its talking about how easy it is to fall away from God but you can always come back but its not always easy.

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