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There's Not Always A Happy Ending.

January 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Once upon a time I believed in all kinds of things.
I believed in horses with horns and even horses with wings.
I believed in garden fairies that could speak and play
I would run out side and see them everyday.

I thought that under every bridge there lived a troll,
When on my own, I stayed well patrolled.
It never occurred to me then that a fairy collecting teeth
was just a curious beast.

The Sandman, Father Christmas, dragons and elves.
These now just seem like stupid little spells.
I no longer believe in transforming men,
or princess that can sleep for hours on end.

The very idea of Rumpelstiltskin
just makes me smile,
I now know better then to believe in any of these like a child.
But there is one thing that I believed in till this very hour,
That this is a book that has magical power.

Now open your eyes and you can see,
The magical things that happen when free.
You find that the difference between the adult that you are,
and that cute little child,

Is just a book that lay in a dusty old pile.
Now pick up that book,
Take a swift look.
And see that the child left behind,
Is always stuck in the back of your mind.

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