What Happened?

January 31, 2011
By angelicashively GOLD, 06516, Connecticut
angelicashively GOLD, 06516, Connecticut
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What happened to the world,
Where did this hate come from,
Why do we break one another down,
Why do we dislike people we don't know,
What happened to love,
What happened to respect,
What happened to peace,

People refuse to ask these questions aloud,
Why don't they just come out and say it,
We may never know,
Our hearts are still and vacant,
For our love for each other has gone,
We look at everyone,
And judge whoever we do not know,
We start rumors,
Hurt feelings,
Cause tears,
Cause pain,
And sometimes,
We don't know why,

We all know that fighting hurts,
And yet,
It doesn't stop us,
What will it take to save our love for each other,
To save this world from our own misery and hate,

What happened to love,
What happened to respect,
What happened to peace among one another,

Our hate killed our love,
Our disrespect caused our pain,
And our wars and fights murdered our peace,

But how long can it take for us all to realize,
We can revive our love,
We can bring respect back into this world and,
We can bring peace back into our lives.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece when I was thinking of all of the people we lost, that we love and care for, to wars and battles.

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