This Moment In Time

January 31, 2011
I can hardly breathe,
Nor hear nor speak,
For this moment we now share,
Is a very significant one to me,
Your dark eyes,
Against the pale blue sky,
Your words glide like silk,
As every one of them slips through your lips,
This moment is sure to be one that I shall remember,
But here and now,
As it's happening,
I shall cherish every passing second of our time,
This is the moment I've been waiting for,
And you are nervous,
I can tell,
And as the seconds turn to minutes,
The minutes turn to hours,
It still seems as though we've just arrived,
You move your body in my direction,
Your warm hand slips into mine,
And your fingers weave through my own,
I glance into your eyes,
But meekly look away,
For I am a bit intimidated by your beauty,
You turn to me,
I smile,
And you merely gaze into my eyes,
I part my lips to speak but,
I am suddenly speechless,
My voice is lost among the day's perfect breeze,
And I wonder in amazement,
How is it that you can be so magnificent,
So stunning and beautiful,
Your mouth opens.
And now I know,
That this,
In fact,
Is a moment in time,
That I will never forget.

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