My Name Is Ellerby

January 29, 2011
By shawnw42 GOLD, Gardner, Kansas
shawnw42 GOLD, Gardner, Kansas
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My name is Ellerby
When I was a kid,
my brother died and my family was broken over it
Mom wouldnt stop crying and Dad was caught up at church,
and I couldnt understand why God would allow such hurt
I was felt abandoned, I couldnt carry on
Thats when I ran away, I had to get gone
When Dad found me,
He said he was sorry,
He didnt mean to ignore me
Me and Him figured out,
what we thought God was really 'bout
My name is Ellerby
I cant help but feel shame in me
Cause even though Sarah hurt,
I made sure to try and avoid her
But now that she really needs us to be there,
I cant help but to care
I'll do all that I can,
to make sure she's never hurt again by her ol' man
My name is Ellerby
This is what makes me, Me
now having known Sarah Byrnes,
We have only each other to help, I've learned
My name is Ellerby

The author's comments:
When reading Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, we had a project that we were supposed to write a linear poem. Obviously I went a little bit beyond what I was supposed and came up with this.

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