January 29, 2011
No knife, no gun, no club, or bat
No whips, no chains, no flame, or freeze
The pain I have can’t be treated

No cuts, no burns, no broken bones
No gash, no scratch, no bruise
The pain I feel can’t be cured

No mumps, no smallpox, no HIV
No Aids, no cancer, no tumor
The pain I hide can’t be helped

No doctor, no lawyer, no officer
No hero, no teacher, no friend
The pain I have can’t be charmed

No Wonder Woman, no Belle, no Cinderella
No Jane, no Jasmine, no Melanie
The pain that haunts me won’t go away

Your smile, your walk, your eyes
Your heart, your joy, your style
The pain that’s eating me alive and that I been trying to keep to myself is
My love for you

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