I Remember

January 29, 2011
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I sit there and stare out my window
I think of the days when there was me and you
I sigh as I remember the times
that you had held me close to you.
Those were the days that I felt at home.
I was protected from the world.
I remember the way it felt
to hold your hand in mine.
The way it felt to sit on your lap.
I remember how I felt when you kissed me.
The way your hands tangled in my hair,
and the way you tugged at it a little.
I remember the way it felt
to have your hands on my hips.
I remember the way you sounded
when whispered in my ear
“ I love you”.
I remember the way it felt
to say goodbye to you, when you left.
The tears I cried when you told me
we were over and when you said
goodbye one last time.
I remember the bad things and
the good things we had.
I remember how happy I was with you.
I cry now.
I'm sitting here, staring out my window
crying as I remember all these times.

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