January 29, 2011
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Sometimes life is so hard, you just want to die,
so hard to be accepted, you just want to cry,
living a life, that feels like a lie,
its painful so much, you feel you should try,
to be that kind of person everyone says "Oh my",
feels like that dream, were you can fly,
you feel free,
you feel lean,
this glorious dream,
its a fabulous thing,
to want,
to need,
you want to succeed,
to be liked,
to be loved,
be like a dove,
so graceful,
so peaceful,
so favorable,
but you say to yourself you cant do it,
you think it cant be,
your one fantasy,
to get out there,
to be free,
to see what others see,
to live your dream,
to have your dream,
dream your dream,
make a scene,
because you want everything,
you think, but its not what it seems,
you put yourself down,
you lie on the ground,
put your hand over your heart,
life is falling apart,
the life you want is only a dream,
the dream you want to sing,
you say to yourself,
life is mean,
you feel tortured,
and all you want to be,
is Accepted!

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ShelbyMarie93 said...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 8:21 am
I absolutely LOVE the way you wrote this, it's so good and thought provoking. The rythmn is great and it flows really well. Good job!
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