Heartbeats These Days

January 29, 2011
By marselina13rivera PLATINUM, Dover, Delaware
marselina13rivera PLATINUM, Dover, Delaware
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Love, is infinite. You can always make more when you need it.

If your heartbeat acts like mine, don't follow it. It will only hurt you, leave you, drop you, forget about you and your promises. You don't matter to it. You are the past, and no matter how hard you'd like to believe you're the future, you're not. Your just a long forgotten memory in the back of your heartbeat's mind.

You are the last resort. The backup plan, in case something goes wrong.

And as much as you want to forget about your heartbeat at times, you can't. It is a part of you. A very special, very important part.  The one that you would die for. The one that you were, you are, and always will be in love with. One that can never be replaced. One that you will always carry with you. Your EVERYTHING. The only one that you actually thought cared about you. But apparently, you thought wrong. You thought wrong about everything. You thought that all of this would be felt both ways. But you are the only one that feels anything. This is all a bunch of one way emotions. You wish that your situation would change, but you know it never will. Fairy tales don't exist; neither does forever. You will NEVER get your happily ever after. Forever is over for you, but sadly has only begun for your heartbeat.

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