Silver Streakz

January 29, 2011
Silver streaks
Run on and on
Unnaturally often
In exceedingly large amounts
Streaks of worry
Streaks of sorrow
Streaks of mixed emotions
I need to think
Should I let go?
Should I hold on?

I walk outside
The sun setting behind me
I lay in the grass, look up and wait for the sky to darken completely
As it does, stars gradually start to emerge
One by one they light up the sky
Like lights on a Christmas tree
I close my eyes hoping that he'll come for me
I hold my breath hoping that he doesn't
Eventually I start breathing
It's dark and there's a chill in the air

I open my eyes, sit up
and smile

He comes over, and sits down
next to me

Before I can say anything
he says, “I love you”

And I know he means it

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