That's Some bodies daughter

January 29, 2011
By , baltimore, MD
One day you’re going to be grown, you’re going to have a daughter of your own. Your worst fear is someone hurting her; know you’d break any boy that breaks her heart. You swear she’s the greatest thing on earth, daddy’s little girl. Your whole world. But right now you’re going around breaking hearts, and you don’t care. That’s some bodies daughter, that’s someone’s little girl. That’s someone’s baby, that’s someone’s world. And one day you’ll feel this way about your baby girl. So when you go and play me, remember one day it’ll be her, it will be your baby girl. Don’t break hearts. Someday soon your baby’s life starts. And you’ll sit there and think of all the petty things you did, and you’ll pray God keeps her safe. Karma is funny in that way, that’s some bodies daughter you just broke up because she wasn’t skinny enough. And one day that will be your girl. That will be your whole world; it will be your daughter.

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