Too Young For Love?

January 29, 2011
By , Omaha, NE
He's the best thing I never had and the best thing I never knew I needed. It's like he's my ray of sunshine that continues to make me smile. His light shines on my life making it the more sweeter than it is. I'm so thankful that we can finally be open with one another to the point where our hearts our so in tuned that we don't have to say a word. All I need to do is look in each-others eyes and whatever needed to be said would slowly and beautifully be communicated through a simple look. It's like we make emotional love. Our souls are united and our hearts intertwined and our spirits dance and eventually we fly away together. He doesn't understand how amazing he makes me feel. He told me I redefine the words strong feelings for someone and i was speechless. I wanted to say baby I love you too but then I realized we are still only seventeen. No one talks like that at such a young age. No one can feel love like that as a teen. No...these feelings are almost forbidden for children to have. But what are these feelings I have for him. I know I'm not sprung or experiencing lust I'm not after his body or his looks. We don't have to have sex in order to satisfy each-others needs because we can talk all night and have long interment conversations about everything. He says I'm so beautiful inside and out. He puts me on a pedestal that I don't even think I deserve to be on but no matter how much I try to tell him I'm not an angel, that's all he sees. To him I can do no wrong, to him I am a gift. So then again I ask you what are these feelings I have for him? I can tell you in one word..."love" and I am not ashamed to say it. Not anymore. These grown ups may say we're too young for love but I don't even think half of these grown ups know what love feels like. True love that is. I'm talking the love that never gets old. The love that frees you from anything terrible going on in your life. That love that makes you so blind of what's on the outside and mesmerized by what's on the inside. No one can touch us where we're at because I am on cloud nine and I refuse to come down because we can't get much closer to God then where we are. And that's where I see God. In his smile, in the way he looks at me, and in the way he is with me because that's where my heart is with God and that's where we meet and that's where we'll stay until that final hour when our souls both fly away to heavens forever.

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