The Last Rainbow

January 29, 2011
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pink,blue,orange the colors of the rainbow are sitting in my hands in little round circles how many should i take they look like candy. I'm empty without you so they might help, one at a tI'me, one after another i feel like I'm in one of those spin toys but this one never stops my room starts to change colors i feel like I'm flying in space, then i fall I'm falling and there's no end every-things black. this would of never happened if you wouldn't of abandoned me, i loved you i gave you my all but you left it but why, why did you take my heart then break it, i see faces i see a fearless person breaking under pressure my mom i see a light its in the far end of a hallway i walk to it there's a mirror how strange but the reflection isn't me the reflection is a horrible person a pill popper, a druggie i cant be that person, i hear voices there talking to me i turn around and its a faceless person in the dark room be one of us he says i get scared i start to run i quite if this was a game i had lost I'm out of chances I'm gone i was a living person but now I'm just pushed back in peoples minds and to think it all started with a argument and the colorful candy.

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