Alone Together

January 25, 2011
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Down a winding dirt road, nestled away
into its own little corner of paradise.
We walk together, with freedom under our feet
down the single paved road
shrouded in the shadows.
We’re all alone on this road, but the two of us together
Enjoying the comfort in the surrounding silence
with only the occasional stir from a cool spring breeze.
Leaves crunching as we slip off the road
And down into the woods that lined it.
A forest of trees shattering the sunlight across the ground
Each sliver of light, a glimmering of hope.
You smile, and the light shining down around us
seems faint in comparison.
A touch of smooth skin, as you slip your hand in mine.
Together, our fingers intertwined.
Birds high above on unseen branches
chirping the song in my heart.
An opening in the brush, a well-worn path.
We slowly walk down the slim, muddy trail.
Tall pines towering over us
Sheltering our view of what’s to come.
The forest opens before us.
And there we stay for an hour or two
watching the surface of the still frozen lake
until we think they’ll have noticed we’ve gone.
The hike back seemed so much longer
leaving behind such a beautiful place.
We carefully climbed back out onto the road
And headed back to the house
Wishing he hadn’t had to leave.
All alone in this world, the two of us together
forever in a memory, nestled away
in our own little corner of paradise.

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