Be There

February 2, 2011
I'm leaving this town and there's going to be no looking back

I'm going to see this world; even if it's just me and my backpack

I'm going to explore Hong Kong's crazy streets and soak up the Sierra Nevada air

I'm leaving very soon. Say you'll be there.

I don't want to hear bon voyage as I sail away to Pari'

I want you to hold my hand as we set off across the sea

I don't want to call you from that lovely cafe' in Rome

I want to pick up biscotties from there and ride my bike back to our new chalet home

I don't want to send you a postcard of the Mediterranean sea.

I want to sunbathe on the beach while you incessantly talk and I pretend it annoys me

I promise to always be happy by your side

I want you there. To bear witness to my life and enjoy the ride.

I want to kiss your lips and say I love you.

I want you enjoy your life like I will, no matter what you choose.

This is it. The train whistle's melancholy last call.

I'm going with or without you.

Please say you'll be there.

Because it won't ever be like it was. I won't see you next fall.

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