We All Feel

January 31, 2011
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I’ve got a soft spot for boys who write poetry
They know that they’re not free
But the words help ease the chains wrapped around them
By a society that claims you can’t cry
And don’t wear pink
Or you must like other guys
Sorta thing
So they dress up in bling and pull their pants to their knees
Because they think that’s what will please us?
Hiding behind your blackened façade you’re not tough
You’re just afraid

I have seen boys, men, males
Aching over us because we can feel and we can show it
And they know that’s not something they have the courage to do
To just stand up and say f*** you

So they’ll feel what they want and they’ll try to hide it
But bundled up after dark in the confines of a small room
They’ll let their tears and fears cascade down their face
With more grace than the rain falling and thunder calling
On warm summer nights

Because we’re all just a little bit afraid of that which we don’t see
But inside we know it is there because we can feel it
And we feel it when it tears
Like the atmospheric electricity that heats the air so fast it cracks
Like love and hate
And your will to keep on going… just fades

So the next time you see a boy muddling through his words
And trying to express the immense feeling inside his chest

Just step back
And watch the butterfly unfold
No one said he could fly right away
But try to see the colours dazzling your eyes
As we walks awkwardly through all of societies lies
And takes a risk to express his emotions to his best ability

And you know what?
I find this fragility to be mesmerizing
Like some vast ray of hope on a black horizon
Like ‘oh my gosh. You feel the same way I do!’
Who knew.

See, there’s a boy I know who writes poetry
Takes long walks at night and listens to his music until the morning light
And I’m sure he fights this battle daily
What would people think really?
If suddenly all his ink came together and blossomed into a feather
And another
And another
And flew freely
No longer bound by the tether of conformity

You might find a similarity between the feelings of you, him, and I
We are all stars shining in the sky
And when someone draws a line
We become a constellation
Link us all up and we could become a nation

So let us make ours a society where boys feel safe putting their feelings into words
And let written emotions become heard

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