The Eye of Envy

January 31, 2011
By Shea216 SILVER, Penndel, Pennsylvania
Shea216 SILVER, Penndel, Pennsylvania
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“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” -Audrey Hepburn

As I gait along the polished walk,
I gaze at exquisite sites.
So beautiful,
so enchanting is this scene.

Trees lush with life,
sky as blue as the open sea.
Spring flowers are beginning to bloom,
as bright as the elated faces that encompass me.

They are frolicking,
they are rejoicing.
They revel for this blessing,
this blessing they call a home.

But I do not live here.
I abide on the adverse side of the town,
where the sky is not so luminous,
where flowers have no chance to bloom.

“Why?” I ask myself.
“Why must I drench myself in this horrid jealousy?”
I am aware that my sinfulness will only result in a longer punishment,
one that will last forever.

But why am I being chastised now?
For, I have only done what I was told.
I do not deserve this ghastly life.
But I must obey till my end.

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