The Dark Encounter

January 31, 2011
By adrija_gupta GOLD, Mumbai, Other
adrija_gupta GOLD, Mumbai, Other
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time and music heals all......

The sogginess, and the mossy smell,
My feet feel wet and go deep down the earth.
The chill in my bones and my thumping heart,
I quite liking this place, this I can tell.

Heavenly good or ruthlessly bad,
Can’t choose one for this place.
I am a bit shaky; it seems like a game,
A maze of mind and I don’t feel clad.

It’s very intimidating yet dark,
I can see the sun streaming down.
Rays making its way through the trees brown,
If it’s a dream, it’s leaving its mark.

The scars I’m getting from the sharp shrubs around,
It’s kind of nice to feel the stinging pain.
The taste of my blood and the smell of it,
All of it makes me happy dizzy, I might just fall on the ground.

I am starting to feel the auras around,
Even the footsteps of the witty squirrels seem too loud.
Though the sun’s streaming down, there’s more of clouds,
I can hear faint bass far away, I like the sound.

I keep striding but the woodland doesn’t seem to end,
It’s twilight now, and oh! How breathtaking it is.
The verve is too much for me to take, how am I supposed to react to this?
The pain in my heart, seems like it’s healing, but is it suppose to mend?

I take a deep breathe and smell the damp air,
Feel smaller than a dot in comparison to the universe.
Though this place is sullen, it isn’t a curse,
The positive darkness I feel, it’s something I can’t share.

There is something alien inside me, can’t sat what it is.
It’s kind of painful, but in a good way.
And this twinge is so desirable; I want it more as it may,
I am out of my mind and am in a state of bliss.

This feeling is so inky, very deep, very rare,
Only a handful gets this, God’s children you may say.
The ground feels wet on my back as I lay,
I might warn you, yet if you want to come, do dare.

If it’s dream, don’t wake me, it feels so right,
Though there’s not a single human soul around me, I am not alone.
It’s a dark craving and I am prone,
Feels like I have finally found the mighty light bright.

The author's comments:
The psychedelic state of mind...

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