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she hides herself

January 31, 2011
By Graybear BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
Graybear BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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"Won't you speak in my direction just once!" he cries to her, he urges, he pleads, "please just one word and my heart will beat like the wings of the ever energetic hummingbird!" She wants to speak but she is afraid, afraid of the unknown, afraid of what lies beyond. She tries to say something to him, but she can't form the right words to say. He walks toward her, disheartened. They look up at each other, their blue eyes unleashing a feeling long forgotten. Suddenly, a single word flows out of her like the great waters of the Amazon river. She opens her mouth and utters the single word, "hey". Her eyes full of beauty briskly go by. His eyes full of shock, trying to regather themselves. His heart was pounding too fast and too hard for him to think about what just happened and how that moment seemed to be frozen in time. He looked to see if she looked back, but she didn't. Little did he know, her heart was pounding just as hard and as fast as his was. Little did he know she had smiled after he passed by. But no one can know that so she hides herself like she did before like she will again.

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one girl inspired me

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