Round & Round

January 31, 2011
Round & Round
What have you found?
Its the Sound,
The Pound,
The Beat,
Of the Feet,
Against the Concrete,
You worry me,
Yet you still assure me,
That you're doing great.
Now that something I could,
Proudly, loudly debate.
I worry over your fate,
Date after date.
You act like you're always,
Trapped inside of a crate.
I wish you'd just tell me what's wrong,
It's like listening to a,
Sad, Sad song.
You're like King Kong,
Acting all big and strong.
But innocent and loving,
All along.
Round & Round,
Its YOUR Sound,
YOUR Pound,
YOUR Beat,
Of YOUR Feet,
Against the Concrete.
Yet you still don't know,
What you've found.

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